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Cimarron Strip - The Last Wolf

Cimarron Strip - The Last Wolf

Ref: 1685

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Western / TV Series (1967) 72 minutes ~ Color

Sam Gallatin heads a pack of wolf hunters who find that their services are no longer needed by the local ranchers and townspeople. Being broke and out of work, the wolf hunters become a problem in Outlet and on the Strip. While the settlers in the territory agree to give the hunters work, the local ranchers refuse, causing a chain of trouble between the wolf hunters and ranchers. With Gallatin trying to unite the wolf hunters against the settlers and the cattlemen, Marshal Crown finds himself outgunned, out-numbered, and caught in the middle of an all out range war.

Director: Bernard McEveety

Writers: Christopher Knopf (developer), Preston Wood

Stars: Stuart Whitman, Percy Herbert, Randy Boone



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