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Wildest College Coeds

Wildest College Coeds

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Adult (2009) 52 minutes ~ Color

Get ready for the hottest naked college girls in America. Watch as these sex-starved co-eds strip down and pleasure themselves (and each other) for our cameras. It doesn't get and hotter or wilder than this! When the GGW bus rolls into town, hot girls line up for the chance to act out their wildest fantasies for the whole world to see. But some are wilder than others. You won't believe how far some of these girls will go. It starts off innocently enough with an adorable brunette who's always wanted to be on GGW. Now that she's 18, she doesn't waste a second before taking it all off on the bus. Next, a hot blonde shows us that she has nothing on under her tiny white dress. Then she gets herself off in the VIP room of a club. Finally, after some hot girl-on-girl action, one cutie cools down by rubbing ice cubes all over her tan body. You've never seen anything this wild! Don't miss a second of the hands-down hottest footage we've ever caught on tape. Raw, real and completely uncensored. It's Girls Gone Wild: Wildest College Coeds!