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Wildcat Saunders

Wildcat Saunders

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Western / Drama (1936) 60 minutes ~ Black & White

A punch drunk prize-fighter, Wildcat Saunders (Jack Perrin) travels to a western ranch for a little rest and relaxation with his cigar-chomping promoter Joe Pitts (William Gould) and black sparring partner Fred "Snowflake" Toones. The ranch foreman, Hawkins (Tom London) is actually a fugitive from justice who has robbed the local Wells Fargo office of rubies and diamonds worth $100,000. Wildcat and company discover the truth, and the former uses his dexterity from the ring to bring the outlaw to justice

Director: Harry L. Fraser

Writers: Harry L. Frase

Stars: Jack Perrin, Blanche Mehaffey and William Gould

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