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Western / Action (1945) 77 minutes ~ Black & White

Most cowboy leading men have only a single leading lady: in Utah, Roy Rogers is literally surrounded by delectable females, including his perennial movie (and real-life) sweetheart Dale Evans. The plot concerntrates on actress Dorothy Bryant (Evans), who inherits a ranch in (where else?) Utah. Hoping to raise money for her upcoming musical show, Dorothy intends to sell the ranch, but foreman Roy Rogers doesn't want her to. Joining Rogers in his efforts to block the sale is cantankerous neighboring rancher Gabby (George "Gabby" Hayes). After innumerable complications, Dorothy realizes that Rogers is right-and manages to have her cake and eat it too by staging her musical revue at the ranch itself.

Director: John English

Writers: John K. Butler, Jack Townley

Stars: Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Dale Evans, Peggy Stewart


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