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Twisted Tales Of Felix The Cat

Twisted Tales Of Felix The Cat

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Animated / Family (1995 - 1997) 77 Minutes ~ Color

Come and join Felix as he helps solve the mystery of the petrified cheese as well as making laughs and goofs all the way. Felix the Cat is using his Magic Bag of Tricks to get out of some sticky situations.

On this DVD:

1) The Petrified Cheese 2) Manhattan Triangle 3) Now Playing Felix 4) Jailhouse Shock 5) The Sludge King PT.1 6) The Sludge King PT.2 7) Space Time Twister 8) Guardian Idiot 9) Step Right Up 10) Don’t String Me Along 11) Mars Needs Felix

Directors: Milton Knight, Lynne Naylor

Writers: Bob Koch (episode), Larry Swerdlove (contributing writer)

Trailer - "Petrified Cheese":

Stars: Thom Adcox-Hernandez, John Astin and Jeff Bennett

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