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Musical / Comedy (1944) 74 minutes ~ Black & White

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A newspaper columnist and host of his own national network radio program, interviewing more film personalities on his show than any other commentator, is searching for a story for a Sunday column carried by newspaper from coast to coast. Hanging out in Hollywood's famed Trocadero restaurant and night-spot, he gets his story when "Troc" owner and band-leader Eddie LeBaron, relates to him the sage of the famed screenland nitery. And hears plenty of music furnished by four of the top name-bands in the land, including that of Bob Chester, who formed his own swing band in 1935 after being top saxophonist with the bands of Ben Pollack and Ben Bernie. Singer Ida James and the Chester band led off with "Shoo Shoo Baby" in their screen debut.

Director: William Nigh

Writers: Allan Gale (screenplay), Charles F. Chaplin (original story) and Garret Holmes (original story)

Stars: Rosemary Lane, Johnny Downs, Ralph Morgan, Dick Purcell

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