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Trinity And Sartana

Trinity And Sartana

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Western / Comedy (1972) 102 minutes ~ Color

The farcical, footloose misadventures of Trinity and Sartana as a pair of sharp-shooting Robin Hood-style con artists that repeatedly thwart the villains but never get to keep the loot for themselves.

Trinity (because he comes from Trinidad) and Sartana have no relation to the actors that brought the titular monikers to fame, but this acts, rather, as a Spaghetti Western trying to carve out it's place in film cinema lore. This joke-a-minute, action packed tale of two friends who find ways to lose money as fast as they come into it is suitable for fans of westerns, comedies, and classic cinema.

Director: Mario Siciliano

Writers: Adriano Bolzoni (screenplay), Adriano Bolzoni (story)

Stars: Alberto Dell'Acqua, Harry Baird, Beatrice Pella, Stelio Candelli


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