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To Kill A Stranger

To Kill A Stranger

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Thriller (1985) 93 minutes ~ Color

Cristina Carver (Angelica Maria) finds herself in dire straits after she arrives to spend some time with her TV-reporter husband (Dean Stockwell) who is visiting a Latin American country run by a military dictator. After a car accident one day, Cristina brings the helpful Col. Kostik (Donald Pleasence) home and then kills him in self-defense when he violently attempts to rape and murder her. Terrified, she covers up her act and hides the body, yet in spite of her husband's efforts to protect her, a local police detective starts to figure out what really happened.

Director: J. Lopez Moctezuma

Writers: Emerich Oross (original screenplay), Rafael Buñuel

Stars: Angelica Maria, Dean Stockwell, Donald Pleasance, Aldo Ray


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