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Tinsel Town

Tinsel Town

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Thriller (2005) 100 minutes ~ Color

Cracker Jack loves money. He's spent his whole life stealing it. Now this suave criminal mastermind is avout to make money - from scratch - with help from his car thief buddy, beat Town Billy, and their strange crew of underworld foot soldiers. Jack posses as a corporate attorney and dupes his new ''boss'' (Eileen Fulton) and her top security operative (Johnny Williams) so that he and his crew can heist paper on which they can print their own money.

Directed By: Ken Del Vecchio

Starring: Paul Taylor ("As the World Turns" 2002 Emmy Nominee), John Palubo ("Oz"), Eileen Fulton ("As the World Turns" 2004 Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award)


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