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Tiger Love

Tiger Love

Ref: 1917

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Martial Arts / Action (1977) 92 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Ren hu lian

Alternate Title: Tiger's Kong Fu

Tiger Love, a sweeping martial arts tale, begins with a pregnant woman, distraught and suicidal after her husband is murdered before her very eyes, jumping off a cliff. The woman lands in a tree, injured but alive, only to find out that there is a ravenous tiger prowling along the ground before her.

Remembering an ancient legend from her childhood, the woman is able to tame the tiger. With this new found companion, she chooses to live a natural life in the wild rather than go back to her old ways. She gives birth to a son and, with the help of the tiger, raises the boy to manhood.

Now old enough, the son and the tiger seek revenge against the men who ruined the woman’s life.

Directors: Kuang Hui, Yi-hsiu Lin

Stars: Lieh Lo, Chin Hu and Hsieh Wang



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