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3PW - This One's For You

3PW - This One's For You

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Wrestling/Cage Fighting (September 2002) 96 minutes ~ Color

Gary Wolfe defends his title…against a nobody, Sabu battles X-Pac and it doesn’t suck, CM Punk and Colt Cabana steal the show!

Hack Myers v Ace Steel

CM Punk v Colt Cabana

Blue Meanie v Chris Chetti

Josh Daniels v White Lotus

Joey Matthews/Christian York v Danny Doring/Road Kill

Rockin’ Rebel v Angel

3PW title: Gary Wolfe (c) v Dead Man Walking

Kevin Sullivan v Abdullah the Butcher

Three way strip-off: Missy Hyatt v Donna v Jasmine St. Claire

Sabu v Syxx-Pac


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