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The Spiritual World

The Spiritual World

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Religious/Faith Based / Documentary (2007) 180 minutes ~ Color

Recorded live at The Seventh International Conference on Science & Consciousness in April 2005 in Sante Fe, New Mexico. The Spiritual World discussion is designed to instruct the aspirant on the realities of the hidden universe. Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson has explored the spiritual world for more than 20 years and brings a wealth of knowledge regarding the journey of the human soul from the before-life state, to incarnation, to the after-life, and beyond. This discussion will provide the seeker with an enlightened orientation to the Spiritual World.

Once in a great while, the Creator grants us the opportunity for a rare glimpse into the inner workings of Nature. The mysteries of the spiritual world have remained hidden for thousands of years. During a series of intense revelations and divine interventions, Dr. Gibson was granted an extraordinary glimpse into the powerful innermost essence of the universe... the spiritual world. Join us for a once in a lifetime workshop of empowerment and self-exploration. This fascinating presentation will supercharge your spiritual journey and help you find a new beginning for your life.

This talk is captured on one full length DVD. More than three hours of audio and video with question and answer sessions allow you to experience the phenomenon for yourself.

Director: Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson

Writer: Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson

Star: Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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