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The Spirit of the Serpent, an Exploration of Earth Energy

The Spirit of the Serpent, an Exploration of Earth Energy

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Religious/Faith Based / Documentary (2008) 103 minutes ~

The Spirit of the Serpent is an exploration into Earth Energy at a circle of standing stones in Cornwall, England, known as The Merry Maidens.

Most, if not all sacred sites were founded at special places where Earth Energy lines meet or cross as they flow above and below the ground.

In this enthralling film we find that experts finally agree that many structures in the Ancient world were places for the focus of energy featuring mathematical principles found throughout Nature and having a basis in quantum physics.

For the first time, this team of experts comes together in one place to unravel the mysteries of energy, folklore and our connection to Nature herself. Metaphysical concepts, once termed "fantasy" by the scientific establishment are now proven to be truth. The amazing thing is, our ancestors were well-aware of these truths all along.

Discover The Spirit of the Serpent, the energy of the Earth and face the realities of life, death and even the spirit world.

Director: Nights Rose

Writer: Hamish Miller

Star: Hamish Miller


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