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The Rangers Take Over

The Rangers Take Over

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Western (1942) 60 minutes ~ Black & White


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In the first entry in PRC's Texas Ranger series, Tex Wyatt (Dave "Tex" O'Brien) and Panhandle Perkins (Guy Wilkerson) are recruits assigned by Tex's stern father, Captain Wyatt (Forrest Taylor), to look into a series of cattle rustlings. Despite strict orders not to arrest anyone, Tex goes after nasty Pete Dawson (Bud Osborne) and is kicked off the force for disobedience. He joins the rustlers instead, working as a spy for Panhandle and ranger sergeant Jim Steele (James Newill). The three of them manage to catch the leader of the rustlers (I. Stanford Jolley). But will his hard work gain him a reinstatement with the Rangers?

Director: Albert Herman

Writer: Elmer Clifton

Stars: Dave O'Brien, James Newill and Guy Wilkerson

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