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The Lost Princess

The Lost Princess

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Family / Adventure (2005) 74 Minutes ~ Color

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Eleanor, Queen of Fairhaven, sends her good friends Don Juan, Prince of Spain (Jose Granados), his daughter, the Princess Esmeralda (Dakota Star Granados), and his silly sidekick Miguel (Douglas Kondziolka), on an Adventure to the kingdom of Scarborough to save King Henry and Queen Anne from the clutches of the warmongering, Krankenmal.

Starring: Jose Granados, Dakota Star Granados, Douglas Kondziolka.

Directed by: Duncan Pace

<font color=red>*Official Selection 2005 Santa Fe Film Festival*

*Official Selection 2005 Southern Exposure Film Festival*

*Official Selection 2005 Eureka Springs Digital Film Festival*

*Official Selection 2005 KIDS FIRST! Film Festival*

*Official Selection 2005 Stratford upon Avon Digital Film Festival*

*Official Selection 2006 Danville International Children's Film Festilval*

*Official Selection 2006 People's Choice Film Festival*</font>

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