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The Legendary Script

The Legendary Script

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Martial Arts (2006) 105 Minutes ~ Color

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A Clue to the Legendary Script “Phau Ntawv Hwj Huaj”. The Legendary Script spells out a tale, briefly introduced in Overseas Romance (Nplooj Siab Hlub Hla Ntuj), of mortal combat 1000 years ago in China. At a time when fighting superiority dictated survival, the appearance of a script detailing flawless fighting techniques left behind by a legendary martial artist triggered an endless search and bloodshed. Unknown to everyone is a curse that comes with a script and the secret to break it. With their masterful fighting skills, two best friends, Yeng Tha and Seng, were assigned a mission to find the script. Watch The Legendary Script to find out the outcome of their mission and the impact of the script on those who put their hands on it.

Starring: Yeng Tha Her, Ying Yang, Seng Vang, Taoli and Ishia Her.

Directed by: Ting Yang and Yena Tha Her.

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