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The Kid With X-ray Eyes

The Kid With X-ray Eyes

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Family / Comedy / Sci-Fi (1999) 85 minutes ~ Color

12 year old Bobby can't wait to grow up. He dreams of dangerous car chases and saving beautiful women. He dreams to become a top-secret spy. When he finds a special pair of glasses Bobby thinks his dreams have come true. With his new specs on Bobby discovers he has x-ray vision. He can see through everything. However Bobby begins to see more than he bargained for... Soon government agents are hot on his trail trying to get the glasses for themselves. With his uncle Chuck (Robert Carradine ) Bobby must outsmart a pair of bumbling thieves and outrun the local police department on their way to a final showdown with the real CIA.

Director: Fred Olen Ray (as Sherman Scott)

Writer: Sean O'Bannon (screenplay)

Stars: Justin Berfield, Robert Carradine, Diane Salinger


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