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The Fight

The Fight

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Short Drama (2007) 22 Minutes ~ Color

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Nick Brevard is a talented painter, but thinks his works are worthless. The only things that matter to him are those that make money, but his wife is out to prove him wrong. She has prodded him to apply to a very prestigious art school. The deal is for him to quit fighting if he is accepted to the school. He agrees to the deal, thinking the whole thing is crazy. Meanwhile he secretly sets up another fight against a rich gambler, who has bet against Nick for the last four years, but with no success. This time however, the gambler imports a real fighter from Russia, and guarantees him a permanent visa if he wins. Nick sneaks out of the house to fight at the designated fight area. Then his wife receives the acceptance letter from the art school and tries desperately to find Nick and stop the fight.

Does she arrive in time... and will it matter?

Starring: Cody Jones, Robynn O Brooks, Segei Shishov, Nicholas T.

Directed by: Jordee Eslinger

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