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The Dragon, The Hero

The Dragon, The Hero

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Martial Arts / Drama (1978) 93 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Za jia gao shou

Alternate Title: Dragon on Fire

Take super-kicker John Liu, add one part, Tino Wong (Secret Rivals 2), and one part, Dragon Lee (Dragon Lee vs. the 5 Brothers), stir in some Philip Kao Fei (Mars Villa, Cantonen Iron Kung Fu), sprinkle a little Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon), mix it all together under the direction of Godfrey Ho, and you have a non stop Martial Arts Smorgasbord. John Liu (Secret Rivals, Mars Villa), is in full effect, as a super-kicking government agent, out to stop a ruthless gang of smugglers. Liu is the master of the "Strike Rock Fist" style, and until he meets Tino Wong, he was the only master left. Soon he and Wong along with Dragon Lee must combine skills if they are to beat Philip Kao Fei, and his unstoppable "Intermingle Style". All Kao Fie has to do, is see a style once before he is a master of it. Even together, can Liu, Wong and Lee, beat the unbeatable?

Director: Godfrey Ho

Writer: On Szeto

Stars: John Liu, Dragon Lee, Philip Kao Fei, Bolo Yeung, Tino Wong



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