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The Deadly Duo

The Deadly Duo

Ref: 1795

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Martial Arts (1971) 81 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Shuang xia

During the Sung Dynasty in Northern China, a prince is taken prisoner in order to prevent a southern uprising. A group of martial-arts heroes come to his aid. However, the prince is heavily guarded and early rescue attempts fail. Now it’s up to two kung fu experts Ti Lung (Drunken Master 2) and David Chiang (The Heroic Ones) to use their extraordinary skills to rescue the prince and restore hope for the future of China

A martial arts classic from the director Chang Cheh (HEROES TWO, TEN TIGERS FROM KWANGTUNGI, THE DEADLY DUO boasts the talents of choreographer Liu Chia-Liang (36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN) and an early appearance from Bala Yeung (ENTER THE DRAGON, BLOODSPORT)

Director: Chang Cheh

Writer: Kuang Ni

Stars: David Chang, Ti Lung, Ku Feng, Wang Chung, Stanley Feng, Chen Hsing


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