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The Cisco Kid Collection 4

The Cisco Kid Collection 4

Ref: 1990

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Western / Action (1950 - 1956) 8.5 Hours ~ Color

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Here’s Adventure! Here’s Romance! O. Henry’s “famous Robin Hood of the Old West” is back! The Cisco Kid stars Duncan Renaldo as Cisco and Leo Carrillo as his faithful sidekick and comic foil, Pancho. One of the first television programs to be filmed in color, this classic Western ran from 1950-1956.

Set in 1890’s New Mexico, Cisco and Pancho fight corruption and seek justice for the victims of bandits, con men and cattle rustlers. With a combination of humor and compassion for their fellow man, Cisco and Pancho have become legendary to television viewers everywhere.

In 1980, Renaldo received a Special Lifetime Achievement Award from Nosotros, which honored him for “providing a positive Hispanic role model for Americans,” and called The Cisco Kid “a perennial television favorite.”

Episode highlights for The Cisco Kid Collection 4 include: Pancho masquerades as a wealthy man to foil a real estate scam artist; a fake newspaper story lures Cisco into a town rife with corruption; and, a ruthless gang heists a shipment of smallpox vaccine and holds it for ransom.

The Cisco Kid Collection 4 features 20 half-hour episodes of the popular Western series.

Disc A – Quarter Horse, Jewelry Hold-Up, Ghost Town Story, Buried Treasure, Spanish Dagger

Disc B – Quicksilver Murder, Montezuma’s Treasure, Vendetta, The Two Wheeler, Quiet Sunday Morning

Disc C – Witness, Wilbur Peacock, Young Blood, School Marm, Quick On The Trigger

Disc D – The Stranger, The Joker, Man With The Reputation, The Epidemic, Mr. “X”

Director: Paul Landres, Lambert Hillyer, Eddie Davis, Leslie Goodwins, Derwin Abrahams, Albert Herman, George Cahan, Lew Landers

Stars: Duncan Renaldo, Leo Carrillo

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