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The Betty Boop Collection - 2 Disc Set

The Betty Boop Collection - 2 Disc Set

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Cartoons (1933-1939) 175 Minutes ~ Black & White

Betty Boop is back and booping it her way now more then ever before with this ultimate collection of some of her most beloved classics. With her ample moves and trademark sultry way, it's no wonder why people of all ages love this cartoon

Disc 1:

Baby Be Good, Betty Boop And Grampy, Betty Boop With Henry The Funniest Living American, Betty Boop's Crazy Invention, Ker-Choo, Rise To Fame, Blunderland, Is My Palm Read, Judge For A Day, Making Stars, Betty Boop And Pudgy Not Now, Poor Cinderella.

Disc 2:

A Song Day, Be Human, More Pep, My Friend The Monkey, On With New, Pudgy Takes A Bow-Wow, Rhythm On The Reservations, The Hot Air Sales Man, The Scared Crows, Training Pigeons, We Did It, Whoops! I'm A Cowboy, You're Not Built That Way.

Director: Dave Fleischer

Stars: Mae Questel



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