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Tankboy  Operation Car Crusher Epi. 01

Tankboy Operation Car Crusher Epi. 01

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TV Series (2009) 22 minutes ~ Color

The next generation in destruction television. A licensed arms dealer, stuntman, and pyrotechnic specialist leads a team of fellow adrenaline seekers, stunt people, and thrill seekers who love playing with tanks, staging original stunts, and building their own weapons and explosives from scraps and spare parts they find around, and then testing them out for fun. So join the Tankboy team of Captain Tankboy, Crispy, Sarge, Leggs, Nuke, and Humma for an explosive fun new show.

Director: Nigel Cope

Writer: Charles Knight

Stars: Charles Knight, Paul Blenkiron, Jochen Fitzherbert


Tankboy : Episode 01 - Operation Car Crusher by XtremeTV

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