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Talman & The Myth Of Agharta

Talman & The Myth Of Agharta

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Animated / Drama (2007) 75 minutes ~ Color

CHINA 1931: Renowned archeologist Michael Toussaint disappears in mysterious circumstances while leading an excavation in the Kun-Lun mountains in search of the mythical Jade Dragon, the key to the lost city of Agharta, home of the Immortals. His daughter, Talma, a well known stunt pilot and photographer, will assume leadership of finding his trail. Talma and her friends, Bob and Karisma, arrive at Kun-Lun after a troubled journey. They will be led to the Monastery which lied beneath the Earth, wherein amazing and fantastic enigmas are waiting to be discovered.

Director: Darío Durán

Writers: Darío Durán, José Luís Losilla


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