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Tales from the Trail

Tales from the Trail

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Family (2009) ~ Color

Calling all trekkers, backpackers, campers, and weekend warriors! Americas Tales From The Trail wants you! What better way to see American trails than a hike with two expert wilderness guides. Right from the start, each exhilarating episode charts a well-defined course for sunrise summits, haunted hotels, whiskey jug bands, and both insightful folk and natural history. Our hosts, the mighty Chris Abel and California Blaire Carson, are sure to engage an audience, just as they have for years. And drawing on the knowledge of our crack team of Geographic Explorers, assembled from television, magazines and trailheads, viewers will learn to expect smart, useful backpacking tips and a look at the treasured sights most hikers never knew existed. Making the most of revelatory interviews with the keepers of local history and exclusive toe-tapping performances by backcountry music makers, this show is sure to occupy a valuable share of the family entertainment market.

Director: Paul Sheehan

Stars: Chris Abel and Blaire Carson


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