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Systema: Gunpoint Supremacy

Systema: Gunpoint Supremacy

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Martial Arts / Instructional (2006) 160 minutes ~ Color

The Russian System of Handgun Training

The battle-tested super-skills of Russian Special Units are presented to you by Konstantin Komarov

- Major in the Special Service Police Force
- Russian Military Reconnaissance
- PhD in combat Psychology
- Professional Bodyguard for Moscow's Elite

Professional dynamic drills of
• drawing and aiming on the move
• falling, rolling and unexpected transpositions with handgun
• instant evaluations and psychological control
• stretching and expanding time
• continuity and precision
• partner and group control
• single movements for multiple targets
• body and weapon synchronization
• unique shooting tips
and more

Every move, every idea in GUN SUPREMACY has been repeatedly applied and perfected in real combat.

Stars: Konstantin Komarov


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