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Stripper Of The Year

Stripper Of The Year

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Adult (1993) 60 minutes ~ Color

Every year hundreds of strippers from all over the country compete for the honor of "Stripper of the Year." Comedian Jeff Gerbino hosts this 60-minute program where we’ll meet and see the performances of the ten national finalists in this unique competition. These gorgeous dancers pull out all the stops during their distinctive performances for this extraordinary event. You'll meet each stripper back stage, up close and personal, as she reveals for the camera how she became a stripper and how she has perfected her craft. Then we see her perform for our live audience and our celebrity panel of judges where she shows off her true talents in the art of strip tease. Only one lady can win in this winner-take-all contest. One of our gorgeous ladies uses fire to tempt the judges, while another begins her act as a bashful bride. Still another eats ice cream in an unusual manner and one even performs magic while taking off her clothes. In the end three only one of our ladies is crowned "Stripper of the Year".

Stars: Kitten Natividad