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Spring Break Virgins

Spring Break Virgins

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Adult (2011) 55 minutes ~ Color

From Padre Island to Miami and Cancun, thousands of ripe young hotties and barely legal bad girls couldn't wait to get naked and go wild on their first Spring Break ever. Our cameras were there to catch it all! There's nothing hotter or more exciting than the first time. Especially on Spring Break. These sex-starved college girls have waited all semester to strip down and blow off some steam. From beer bongs and body shots to the back of the GGW bus, you won't believe how wet and wild it gets. See what two blonde twins will do to get VIP entry into Padre's hottest nightclub. Down in Cancun, watch a sizzling blonde as she soaps herself up in the shower after a long day at the beach. The grand finale is a mindblowing girl-on-girl scene on top of a bar. You'll never look at maraschino cherries the same way again! Don't miss the sizzling non-stop sex. Raw, real and completely uncensored. It's Girls Gone Wild: Spring Break Virgins!