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Special Delivery: The Stripping Telegram Strip-Off

Special Delivery: The Stripping Telegram Strip-Off

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Adult (1987) 60 minutes ~ Color

In this wild men's and women's competition three divisions of strippers compete to find out who is the best stripping telegram in the country. First division is the Amateur Women, three competitors, and is for those women who have only been in the business for less than 12 months. Second division is for professional male stripping telegrams, three competitors are in this division. And finally, our third division, Professional Women, featuring five of the top stripping telegrams in the country. This highlights those who have been working professionally as stripping telegrams for over a year. Each stripper selects a recipient from the audience, reads them a special message and then strips for his or her pleasure. The audience loves it, the recipients love it, and the viewer will love it. Topless.

Director: Keith Jon

Stars: Doug Zedon