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So-Cal Scene

So-Cal Scene

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109 min/60 Minutes - Music Documentary - 2010 (USA)

The film traces the thoughts and attitudes of the LA and OC Punk scene from 1977-2010 through interviews and live footage. To answer the questions: What drives Punk rockers to play their music for over 30 years without any promise of fame and fortune? What keep the scene fresh and vibrant? What are these people really like?
For the fans as well as those simply curious about Rock n' Rolls most exciting and innovative sub-culture.

Producer: Michael Augello

Writer: Fingers Lonagan

Director :Michael Augello

Actors: Billy Bones, Tony Paradox, Axxel G. Reese, Mike Lorhman, Ray Chavez, Phllippe Tillikette, and Kash


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