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Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull

Ref: 1986

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Western / Action (1954) 105 minutes ~ Color

Sitting Bull offers one of Hollywood’s more historically accurate accounts of the struggle for supremacy in the West. Surprisingly pro-Indian, the story centers on Parrish, a cavalry officer who believes in the rights of the Native Americans. Despite his efforts, General George A. Custer, spurred on by anti-Indian hatred, engages the proud Chief Sitting Bull in the climactic and ill-fated, Battle of the Little Big Horn. Spectacular western scenery, exciting Action sequences and great performances make this a one-of-a-kind western.

Director: Sidney Salkow

Writers: Jack DeWitt (screenplay), Sidney Salkow (screenplay)

Stars: Dale Robertson, J. Carrol Naish, Iron Eyes Cody, Mary Murphy, Douglas Kennedy


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