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Short Stack Volume 6

Short Stack Volume 6

Ref: 938

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Short (2005 - 2007) 105 minutes ~ Color

Lucky Man ~ Action / Drama (2007) 30 Minutes: Things go sour for two brothers(Frank Vincent and Vincent Pastore) when they attempt a robbery.

Cubicle ~ Comedy (2006) 18 Minutes: An eccentric boss makes two men race for one job.

Dead Shift ~ Horror (2005) 7 Minutes: A naive gas station clerk receives a visit from a zombie in the dead of night.

Phobic ~ Drama (2005) 20 Minutes: A man realizes he may not want to spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend of three years.

Flowers Don't Last ~ Action / Drama (2006) 28 Minutes: The woman of Toli's dreams comes into his life, but they suddenly find themselves in harms way.

Directors : Ruvin Orbach, Cory De Lair, Ana Dominick, Bennett Gold, Ilya Gorovatsky

Writers: Various

Stars: Various


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