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Short Stack Volume 5

Short Stack Volume 5

Ref: 723

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Short (2000 - 2006) 92 minutes ~ Color

Experiencing Raju ~ Comedy (2000) 19 Minutes: A Comedy about looking for Enlightenment in all the wrong places.

I Did Not Expect You ~ Drama (2006) 19 Minutes: Christiano has his love's birthday all planned out, but he didn't expect this.

Smashing Stereotypes ~ Comedy / Drama (2005) 23 Minutes: A few days in the life of an Asian actor struggling to move beyond "Asian" roles.

House Of The Rising Sun ~ Horror (2006) 22 Minutes: Jake Trilleau is coming home to confront his Family, his hometown, and the ugly truth of his sister's death.

Reunion ~ Drama (2005) 9 Minutes: Since age seven, John Roberts has been tracking the monster who killed his mother. As his search ends, John may realize he is the real monster.

Directors : Randy Carter, Barbara Rossi Prudente, Kitty Kavey, Bill Balas

Writers: Various

Stars: Various


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