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Short Stack Volume 4

Short Stack Volume 4

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Short (2005 - 2006) 92 minutes ~ Color

Across The Bridge ~ Comedy (2005) 35 Minutes: What happens when you are forced to bomb your wife's homeland? One man develops a crippling fear of bridges.

Left For Shadows ~ Drama (2006) 24 Minutes: The life of Michael Haines is shattered on the night of his wife's murder.

The Big Break ~ Comedy (2005) 8 Minutes: She's trying to sleep her way to the top; he's a hit man with the same mark...this could get messy.

The Road That Binds Us ~ Comedy (2005) 39 Minutes: In a small town, life is the road between home and the ice cream store.

Directors : Denis Cviticanin, Brian Kotowski, Matthew Hals, Mikil Lee Rullman

Writers: Various

Stars: Various


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