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Short Stack Volume 3

Short Stack Volume 3

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Short (1995 - 2006) 103 minutes ~ Color

E.V.E ~ Sci-Fi (2003) 30 Minutes: Sometimes you have to meet your robot twin before you realize how neurotic you've become.

Mongo Like Candy ~ Comedy (2006) 28 Minutes: What happens when you put five people in a room without food or video games? Something better than reality TV, that's for sure!

P.O. Box ~ Horror (2003) 8 Minutes: A Dark Comedy of greed, crime, and postal delivery errors.

The Decapitator ~ Action (1995) 38 Minutes: Bruce Segal is bitter about being fired - but surely it's nothing to lose your head over.

Directors : Paul Douglas, Ian Jones, Floyd Jones

Writers: Various

Stars: Various


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