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Short Stack Volume 1

Short Stack Volume 1

Ref: 643

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Short (2003 - 2006) 106 minutes ~ Color

Late Bloomer ~ Drama (2004) 13 Minutes: Brilliant short capturing one 7th grader's uncomfortable encounter with puberty.

The Paul Decca Story ~ Mocumentary Comedy (2004) 12 Minutes: Hilarious Mockumentary following the rise and fall of 50's teen idol Paul Decca.

One-Track Mind ~ Comedy (2006) 26 Minutes: Can one overworked and undersexed father find time alone with his wife?

Execution At County Jail ~ Thriller (2005) 18 Minutes: A death row inmate's thrilling escape.

Gas Station ~ Drama (2003) 12 Minutes: Mama said there'd be days like this... forgotten wallet, and already pumped the gas!

On The Cliffs ~ Comedy (2004) 15 Minutes: Two clueless cable access hosts base their interpretations of "Animal Farm" solely on Cliff-Notes.

Directors : Craig Macneill, Ian Harris, Todd Colby Pliss, Paul Stark, Lisa M. Perry

Writers: Various

Stars: Various


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