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Sexes Up Las Vegas

Sexes Up Las Vegas

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Adult (2007) 59 minutes ~ Color

You thought what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas...but not anymore! When Girls Gone Wild visits Sin City, the parties are hotter, the action is crazier, and the girls are way wilder! You'll meet blonde long-legged Sara in her dressing room, where she finds inventive uses for a slender flower vase! The get to know Erin and Kimberly, two formerly-innocent coeds who wrestle each other's clothes off...then make out on the bed! We capture three girls who strip on camera-in the club-and bare all! Finally, get close and personal with Samantha, who came to Vegas for a trade show, but shows off her curvy body and winds up getting off in her shower and on her bed! Want to see all the action that won't fit on the Strip? Wish Girls Gone Wild: Sexing Up Las Vegas, it's all real, completely uncensored, and totally wild!