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Sex Starved Sorority Sisters

Sex Starved Sorority Sisters

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Adult (2007) 60 minutes ~ Color

"They were daddy's little girls...until they went to college! Now they're Girls Gone Wild's sexiest Sorority Sisters! Take a peek into their sorority houses, and check out the hottest young coeds who'll try almost anything! It's Girls Gone Wild - Sex Starved Sorority Sisters!

"We introduce busty, exotic Sylvia from Kansas City, whose knowledge of piercings in intimate places makes her panties soak. Meet Ashley Nicole, a control freak with a delicious bubble butt who likes to be on top, and watch as she demonstrates her favorite techniques! There’s petite, curly-haired Melissa, who’s a complete tease, denying us a look, but finally she gets totally turned on for the camera and uses all her fingers to get off doggy-style! You’ll meet Crystal and Britney, who take turns giving breast-rubs on each other’s flat tummies! And finally, see how blonde Rachel puts her gold vibrator to amazing use!

"Raw, real and totally uncensored girls going completely wild! It’s Girls Gone Wild – Sex Starved Sorority Sisters!"

Stars: Sylvia, Ashley Nicole, Melissa, Crystal, Britney, Rachel