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Seven Doors To Death

Seven Doors To Death

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Thriller (1944) 64 minutes ~ Black & White

Jimmy McMillan is an innocent man, until he meets Mary Rawelins. McMillan crashes a car and wakes up to find two dead bodies nearby - along with a robbed safe. The police have both McMillan and Mary under suspicion so the two team up to find out who the real killer is. They are led through an intriguing maze of darkened cellars and private storerooms as the mystery unravels.

Director: Elmer Clifton

Writers: Helen Kiely (original story), Elmer Clifton (screenplay)

Stars: Chick Chandler, June Clyde, George Meeker, Michael Raffetto, Gregory Gay, Edgar Dearing, Rebel Randall, Milton Wallace, Casey MacGregor


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