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Seriously Twisted

Seriously Twisted

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Thriller (2004) 98 minutes ~ Color

Host of the reality network program "Caught in the Act," Mike Mason and his ex actress wife Liz, seemingly have it all. Not only a glamorous New York life style and a beautiful home in the Berkshires but Mike is up for a Daytime Emmy -- however all is not as it seems. Behind the doors of their pristine home their marriage is falling apart. Enter Sue Thompson, the neighbor's single-minded teenage daughter, who sees Mike as a way into the world of television and Dr. Campbell who is helping Liz with her drinking problem and the ever present memory of Carol Mitchell, whose death four years earlier has had a devastating effect on the Masons.

Director: The Heather Brothers

Writers: The Heather Brothers

Stars: Mark Nassar, Tarissa Day and Karen Cellini


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