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Second Fiddle To A Steel Guitar

Second Fiddle To A Steel Guitar

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Family / Comedy / Musical (1966) 107 minutes ~ Color

In this musical comedy, an enterprising young husband decides to help out his wife by staging a benefit with Country and Western singers when the Italian opera company she had scheduled suddenly cancels. Mayhem ensues when two bunglers get confused and show up dressed in Italian costumes. Songs include: "Young Love," "Don't Let Me Cross Over," "Hello Walls," "Columbus Stockade Blues," "John Henry," "Born to Lose," "Honky Tonk Angels," "Abilene," "Ain't that a Shame," and "Careless Love.

Director: Victor Duncan

Writer: Seymour D. Rothman

Stars: Arnold Stang, Pamela Hayes, Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall



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