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Rocks America

Rocks America

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Adult (2006) 58 minutes ~ Color

From the Sunset Strip to SoHo, get your all access pass to the hardest rocking bands, the wildest after-parties, and the absolute hottest real naked girls in the all-new Girls Gone Wild Rocks America! Meet 19-year-old Ashley, a young, dark-haired groupie with big natural breasts, who's shaved and pierced! Watch her get down on all fours and show off her tight backside, doggy-style! Next meet all-natural Amber and perky-breasted Sara. These two hotties flash onstage with the band, and then get much better acquainted! They rub each other's breasts and kiss, then adventurous Amber reaches under Sara's thong and twirls her fingers! Finally, see cute blonde Tricia as she gets comfy in her hotel room. With petite breasts and a smooth shave, she rubs under her panties doggy-style, until she finally rips them off to wind up spread-eagled on the bed! With a pounding back-seat and hot club vibe, this all real, completely uncensored Girls Gone Wild collection is guaranteed to make you rock...hard!!