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Return Of The Kung Fu Dragon

Return Of The Kung Fu Dragon

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Action (1976) 90 minutes ~ Color

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon is a tale steeped in Chinese mythology. A band of pirates, led by an evil general and a corrupted Taoist monk, violently seize Golden City, killing the three heroic generals who had protected it.

The children of the three generals grow up and, upon hearing of their tragic heritage, make it their mission to exact revenge for the deaths of their fathers. They train in a lost art of kung-fu with other inhabitants of the city in a desperate attempt to overthrow the pirates and regain their freedom.

Director: Chi-lien Yu and Kang Yu

Writers: Ge-Sun Lee (screenplay), Yu-Yen Lin (story)

Stars: Chung Chien Li, Sing Chen and Lik Cheung



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