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Rat Skates: Born In The Basement

Rat Skates: Born In The Basement

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Documentary / Music (2007) 66 minutes ~ Color

In 1980, the East Coast of North America experienced a massive culture clash of Punk, Disco, Stoner Music, New Wave and Heavy Metal. Frustrated by this Suburban identity crisis and fueled by "The New Wave of British Heavy Metal", a small group of energetic youths were unknowingly creating the most extreme music ever to assault global eardrums: THRASH METAL. One of the movements' most recognized pioneers was RAT SKATES. This is a drive through his tunnel-vision to success, and the philosophy that turned his dreams into reality...THE "DIY" MINDSET! From milk-crate drum risers to toll-booth advertising and brain-washing girlfriends, this movie boldly goes well behind the scenes, deep into the NY/NJ cover band circuit and pre-digital tape-trading underground to candidly reveal the hidden hurdles that every young musician must jump in the quest for rock stardom, the passion of their vision, and dedication to their family... Conquering the skeptics and obliterating the odds, this vivid recollection of creating "Overkill" as part of a groundbreaking culture in un-chartered territory is told in true down-to-earth "Old School" spirit. This is an inspirational story of perseverance, where imagination met a desire that turned into obsession...the true, naked secrets of success are exposed, and the realities that eternally haunt it...

Director: Lori DeAngelis-Kundrat

Writer: Rat Skates (story)

Stars: Chris Antonucci, Ralph Iovino, Rat Skates


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