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Action / Family / Bollywood (1993) 149 minutes ~ Color

Bombay's Police Inspector Joshi had warned the owner of Swarg Hotel not to trust strangers like Vikram and his brother, Rajoo, but is ignored. Shortly thereafter, the owner is shot and killed, with the evidence pointing at Vikram, who denies having killed him. Joshi does not believe him, as a result Vikram boards a train and disappears from Rajoo's life, leaving him at the railway platform to fend for himself. Shortly thereafter, Vikram is arrested, tried in Court, found guilty, and sentenced to 9 years in prison. Hariya, the owner's brother, comes across Rajoo, takes him home, offers him shelter and a career in crime. In his 9th year behind bars, Vikram gets news that Rajoo has taken to a life of crime and is working for Hariya. Vikram breaks out of prison to try and convince Rajoo to stop working for Hariya. What Vikram finds is an embittered brother, who is angry with him for abandoning him, and is not prepared to part ways with Hariya. When Vikram blames Hariya for framing him, Rajoo disbelieves him and it is then Vikram realizes that he can only settle scores with Hariya after confronting his very own brother.

Director: Deepak Pawar

Writer: Robin Bhatt

Stars: Ajay Devgn, Tisca Chopra, Priya


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