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Phantom Rancher

Phantom Rancher

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Western (1940) 61 minutes ~ Black & White

Ken Mitchell arrives to take possession of a ranch left to him by his Uncle Jim. He meets and falls in love with Ann Markham, whose father has been killed by the gunmen of rancher Collins, who schemes to gain possession of all the surrounding ranches by foreclosing on their mortgages. Ken is distrusted, as his Uncle was unpopular with the local ranchers. Knowing who killed Markham, Ken disguises himself as a masked rider, and interrupts Collins' plots continually. As himself, he pretends to go along with the Collins plot to drive a herd of cattle over certain lands, ruining the pastures and, as the masked rider, he visits the ranchers to give them the money needed to pay of their mortgages.

Director: Harry L. Fraser

Writers: William Lively (story and screenplay)

Stars: Ken Maynard, Dorothy Short, Harry Harvey, Ted Adams


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