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Pantera: Screaming Black Messiahs: A Metal Tribute

Pantera: Screaming Black Messiahs: A Metal Tribute

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Documentary/Music (2008) 68 minutes ~ Color

The loudest and most disturbing act to have ever hit the Billboard charts, Pantera remain arguably the best metal band of all time, and in the late Dimebag Darrell they certainly had the very finest rock guitarist since Ritchie Blackmore. This astonishing group rewrote the rules of heavy metal, and their live performances had the power to change lives forever.

This documentary film is a review of Pantera's career and music and a tribute to the band and their sadly missed guitarist. It features rare archive footage of the group, filmed interviews with band members and their legendary producer Sterling Winfield, contributions from orignal vocalist Terry Glaze, opinion, review and enlightenment from experts such as Dimebag's biographer Zac Crain and Metal Hammer editor Alexander Milas, location shoots, film of the annual "Ride for Dime" event and a host of other features, all of which makes for the best documentary yet to emerge about Pantera.

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