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Panic Time

Panic Time

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Sci-Fi (2007) 70 minutes ~ Color

A time travel comedy with a feminine twist, PANIC TIME raises the bar for digitally shot, off-Hollywood features! Talented writer-director John Carstarphen leads a fresh cast of newcomers in his 3rd feature. PANIC TIME includes mind-blowing special effects and a steamy erotic scene! PANIC TIME tells the story of Elisa, (Emily Lockhart) a bored, suburban engineer, who manages to get her hands on a device which has the power to alter time. Elisa has the perfect use for the device: she hatches a plan to travel back in time to kill her husband, James (Russell Reynolds)! As a bonus feature, Playboy Model and Panic Time Vodcast Star Natalie Ann Fuller delivers her own witty take on the movie PANIC TIME, and gets naked in the process! On this special edition DVD, you''ll see Natalie as you've never seen her before: hilarious and unabashed!

Director: John Carstarphen

Writer: John Carstarphen

Stars: Emily Lockhart, Kirk Extrell, Arianne Martin


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