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Panic At The Disco: Theatre of the Imagination

Panic At The Disco: Theatre of the Imagination

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Documentary/Music (2008) 62 minutes ~ Color

They're arguably the best new band of the millennium, and although they've yet to achieve the huge, worldwide acclaim they so sorely deserve and so surely shall achieve, Panic at the Disco are right at the point where the world is about to sit up and take notice. And when it does, it'll be a better place. This DVD is a documentary film that tells the band's story to date. With exclusive interviews, rare footage, contributions from friends, colleagues and associates, location shoots, seldom seem photographs and a host of other features, this program will prove a delight for Panic's ever-growing army of fans, and shall certainly remain the best document on the group for many years to come.

Director: David Rolan

Stars: Quinn Bott, Michael Compton, Scott DeMonfer


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