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Nicki - A Hip Hop Love Story

Nicki - A Hip Hop Love Story

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Urban / Drama (2012) ~ Color

Fresh out of high school, Nicole "Nicki" Jamison is at long last introduction of age as she enters a new phase of her life. Nicki is departure the comforts of her parent's home to attend College in Houston. Nicki was raised with traditional values that her parents had instilled in her, however, her life goes on a roller coaster ride when she is introduced first hand to the world of Hip Hop. Nicki's dorm mates are links with some of the city's prime rap stars and are forever invited to the most full parties of the year. Seeing that Nicki is good-looking it is no astonish that she is swiftly brought into the fold of the "it girls." When untaken with sex, drugs, and alcohol all at once from dwell in she grew up idolizing, will Nicki be able to hold onto the morals that she was taught, or will the enthralling world of Hip Hop and seminary life prove to be too convincing for Nicki to resist?

Director: Marcus Damone Henry

Writer: Marcus Damone Henry

Stars: Jasmine Brown, Roshika Carhee, Willie Dennis